To share religious beliefs, cultures, and traditions among women of diverse faiths in order to develop understanding and friendship between us and within our community.






Formerly known as Women of Faith, we are a Steering Committee of 10 women from a variety of faiths.  Although each Steering Committee member is active in her own faith community, we are not sponsored by any of them.  The Steering Committee welcomes program suggestions and will consider subject matter offered for future program exploration by women of any faith tradition.  Our events are open to women of all faiths . . . and their friends!  Events are well attended with in excess of 100 women participating in most programs.  We advertise upcoming events through a growing data base of women who have signed up for e-mail notification, through NH365 News Network, and through individual faith community bulletins and/or women’s networks.


In the fall of 2005, a group of women came together to explore the possibility of an interfaith day of spirituality for women.  Preliminary meetings lead to the discovery that spirituality meant something quite different to each of us.  The plan for a one-day event did not materialized, but the process of learning from each other began.  We wanted to share religious beliefs and traditions, including culture-based practices among women of diverse faiths within our community.  We wanted to build understanding and friendship among ourselves, within our families and in our world.  Four women, two Christians, a Muslim, and a Jew met together to explore the concept of interfaith programs for women on a continuing basis.  Each year since March 2006, an expanded Steering Committee has planned and produced a spring, fall, and winter interfaith event for women.


Interfaith Women Steering Committee


We are truly a grassroots group.  We do not collect dues nor maintain a bank account.  We rely on the generosity of houses of worship, members of the clergy, lay leaders, and other individuals to provide meeting spaces and speakers.


Recently at each of our events, we have asked for a free will offering to benefit a charity of the host faith community’s choice.  So far, these offerings have gone to: A Safe Place, Generations United, Angie’s Place, Soup Kitchen and New Horizons.